Classic or floral-motif rugs

The classic category includes the well-known, Persian-style rugs, characterised by curved lines, circular medallions, garlands, and floral patterns.

The designs on these rugs are often the creations of contemporary artists, trained in various sectors of the craft.

In their vast majority, these designers, who are collective known as “Onstand”, are descendants of old rug-weaver families.

These designers provide the weavers with the complete design of the rug drawn on plotting paper. The weavers know the total look of the carpet, its exact dimensions, and so they begin weaving with mathematical precision based on the specifications provided to them.

The rugs in this category are wool, silk or a combination of both. The materials are of excellent quality and they are woven with dense knots. Prices are elevated, but these are investment buys.

Today, as a result of globalisation, there are pieces woven at a fraction of the cost that have the same morphology as the classic designs, in various Asian countries; these are often copies of old rugs or of the work of old designers.


Exceptional handmade Persian rug, wool and silk, from the workshop of the Persian craftsman Habibian


Handmade rug characterised by exceptionally fine craftsmanship with the inside of a mosque’s dome in the background; wool and silk from the city of Tabriz in Iran