Handmade Oriental Rugs

Galerie Dora Penga

Galerie DORA PENGA is a traditional, family-owned business with a sound and innovative business strategy.

Our people espouse the view that the symbolic value of possessions is equal, if not superior, to their material value. ΤIn that way, handmade rugs can be cultural products, works of art, products of exceptional craftsmanship, aesthetically opulent objects, or even a point of social reference.

A handmade rug is an expression of our personal elegance.

A nomadic “jajim” rug illustrates our travelling nature and our desire for escape and adventure.

A rare woven textile projects our cosmopolitan nature.

Our people crisscross the Orient in search of true aesthetic treasures. Retail is the final stop on a journey of constant motion and creative restlessness. It is the passing of the torch to our customers, so that by purchasing our wares they may begin their own journey in the land of adventure, of exploration, and of true oriental luxury.

The History

The PENGA name holds a special place, and a continuous presence, in the rug and carpet market in Thessaloniki and in Greece. In recent years, the company has specialised in handmade oriental rugs, and today it stands out for the high quality and authenticity of the pieces it sells.


Commencement of commercial activity by Christos Pengas, at no. 6, Agiou Mina St. in Thessaloniki, Greece


Wholesale of plastic flooring, fiberglass, fitted carpeting, and wallpapers


Establishment of Christos S. Pengas & Co General Partnership, headquartered at no. 44, Ermou St.; specialisation in wholesale/retail or plastic flooring, fitted carpeting and wallpapers


Construction of central warehouse in Thermi, Thessaloniki


Headquarters move to the company’s privately owned facilities at no. 13, Fragkon St.; wholesale of machine-made Belgian carpets; commencement of retail of handmade oriental rugs, under the Tabriz brand; commencement of independent professional activity by Mrs. Dora Penga


Opening of Galerie Dora Penga at no. 19, Proxenou Koromila St., exclusively devoted to the sale of handmade rugs


Active participation by Spyros Pengas in the family business; opening of Galerie Penga at no. 279, Vas. Olgas Ave.; exclusive wholesale and retail of handmade oriental rugs, professional flooring and fitted carpets


Establishment of branch in Athens, at no. 7, Pindarou St., Kolonaki


Closer collaborations in the East (Pengas & Hadi); publication of Dora Penga’s book, “Rugs of the Orient”, an impressive edition, unique in the Greek language (University Studio Press)


Establishment of the “Friends of Oriental Rugs Club”


Acquisition of the company G. Hatzopoulos General Partnership (Orient Carpet); operation of the central warehouse in Thermi as retail outlet


Opening of branch on the island of Mykonos


Establishment of the non-profit company “Paths of the Orient” (travels to the Orient, cultural events and exhibitions, tai-chi and shiatsu seminars) towards the goal of creating developmental programmes in the countries where Oriental handmade rugs are produced


Institution of the “Home Bazaar” event with the participation of other businesses, at the facilities of the Pengas Outlet; the 8th Home Bazaar was held in September 2008


“Guerrilla Shop” during the opening of the Mediterranean Cosmos shopping mall in Thessaloniki


Opening of the DORA PENGA store in Athens, at no. 194, Kifisias Ave., Halandri, with a new logo and an exclusive partnership with the Tufenkian Company


Launching of Corporate Social Responsibility programme in associate with the UN Refugee Agency and the Greek Society for the Environment and Cultural Heritage


TEMES, the company that created the Costa Navarino resort, awards to our company the largest contract ever concluded in Greece for the supply of handmade rugs


Galerie Dora Penga is in a position to offer its customers a vast range of handmade rugs of all types.

Our company can meet the most demanding requests from customers with a unique aesthetic, while at the same time making available to those who love authentic handmade rugs affordable pieces that will satisfy their symbolic desire to own a piece of the oriental tradition and craft of rug weaving.