How to care

for your handmade rug

You can take great care of your handmade rugs yourself, by following our instructions. Please feel free to contact us for any information on the care and storage of your rugs.

  1. Treat your rugs like works of art. Do not wash them without reason, and do not abuse them!
  2. Excess is always a bad thing. As much as being left to gather dust is bad for a rug, too frequent or inappropriate washing can be just as detrimental.
  3. Do not beat your rugs. Do not torture them by shaking them over your balcony; the wefts drop and the warps break.
  4. Yes to using a vacuum cleaner, even though in the past it was forbidden for cleaning rugs. It has now been proven that it is the only safe means for cleaning handmade rugs.
  5. In the spring, when you are ready to put your handmade rugs in storage, they must first be thoroughly cleaned with the vacuum cleaner; then, using a clean, white piece of linen dipped in a mixture of water and vinegar (1:1 ratio), rub the rugs well in the direction of the pile. Make sure they are completely dry and there is no moisture left, and then wrap them in newspaper, add mothballs or any other moth repellent you wish, and store them in light-coloured cloth bags until the fall.
  6. Handmade rugs do not require washing every year; wool is full of natural oils that act as natural stain repellents, and too much washing can adversely affect this property.
  7. Infrequently, every 4-5 years and always depending on the amount of use in the home, handmade rugs can be washed using pure soap and lukewarm water.
  8. Do not use chemicals to clean or wash handmade rugs.
  9. Sensitive rugs must be placed in more out-of-the-way areas, in niches that are not often crisscrossed by children carrying cocoa drinks!
  10. Special care must be taken when placing house plants on top of handmade rugs. Dampness is wool’s worst enemy.
  11. Objects such as vases, lamps, table legs, etc. that are placed on handmade rugs must be moved frequently, even by a few inches, to allow all sections of the rug to “breath”.
  12. In general, if anything spills onto a handmade rug, it must be cleaned right away using a clean, white linen cloth and rubbing in the direction of the pile.