Traditional geometric
or nomadic rugs

The category of traditional geometric – artisanal or nomadic rugs includes mostly wool rugs with strong colours. They are woven by nomadic craftspeople who live in tents (and who are slowly diminishing in numbers over time), by semi-nomads, or by village dwellers, mostly women.

These rugs are woven inside the nomads’ tents, in the villagers’ dwellings and, in the summer, out in the countryside. The designs comprise mostly traditional patterns and symbols characteristic of each tribe or region.

The designs are always stylised and geometric, created by memory, as they live on in the minds of the weavers and are passed on from generation to generation.

This does not mean that their art is static. Patterns and symbols evolve and change over time, as each weaver either accidentally or deliberately adds or removes elements. In many artisanal and nomadic rugs, we note imperfections that also testify to the authenticity of the handmade rug, since hand-made can never look as perfect as machine-made. Besides, as the Orientals say, only Allah is perfect.

Prices in this category are affordable for anyone who wishes to own an authentic handmade rug.

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