Rugs of the Orient



The 370-page tome, the result of 10 years of research and experience, is ready. Entitled “Rugs of the Orient”, this book is a landmark of Greek scientific research in woven textiles and rugs. At the same time, with its 265 photographs, it is the most complete guide for non-professional readers who seek well-documented and complete information on handmade rugs in Greek.

«The book’s author has been professionally involved in the trade of handmade oriental rugs for many years; she has made countless journeys to the lands where the rugs are manufactured and conducted long-term research among the populations that created them, or still do. Gathering the results of her research, classifying and recording them, and highlighting the author’s experience in conjunction with the relevant international literature has been an extensive and time-consuming project; the result is this exceptional publication.


We can be certain that this book, the product of experience, research, and the author’s deep practical knowledge, covers a large void in Greek literature. Firstly, it provides to the thousands of Greek enthusiasts of oriental rugs a useful tool that will help them assess the offerings of the Greek market. Secondly, it offers those who love the Orient an opportunity to vicariously follow the historic and geographical movements of its populations and tribes, and to study its amazing cultures. Finally, it will serve as an important aid in the comparative study of contemporary Greek carpet-weaving and shall contribute to its reorganisation, if ever the conditions are ripe for its development.”

Euphrosyne Roupa
Art and Applied Arts Historian, M.A.

An exceptional publication on the rugs of the Orient and their history is an important recent addition to Greek bibliography, with the noteworthy signature of Mrs. Dora Penga, noted handmade rugs dealer of Thessaloniki. The author has delved with great interest and love into the history of rugs and the scientific recording of the production methods. She has visited the manufacturing countries in the East and the nomadic tribes several times, and in the 370 pages of this exceptional book she has succeeded in recording the experiences and knowledge she has acquired from years of systematic studies and onsite research.

Book review in the newspaper “STYLES TIS ORTHODOXIAS" - December 2003, issue 41

And so, by indulging in the magic of old oriental rugs and encountering contemporary manufacturers, Dora Penga has created a book that is rich in useful information and, at the same time, a pleasant narrative, almost like a fairy-tale.

Excerpt from a book review in the newspaper “TO VIMA TIS KYRIAKIS” - October 8, 2000, p. 11, Ms. Tonia Makra